Raising An Army of Holiness


The Prophetic Praise Dance is a spirit filled body movement dance that has a primary purpose of ministering to the body of Christ through creative expressions of prophetic worship dance.

Many Christians are opposed to dance because of what the world has done with it. However, just because Satan has perverted something doesn’t mean that we as Christians should stop using it for God’s glory. The Bible tells us that all things were created by Him and for Him (Colossians 1:16)

In the ancient times dancing had been an essential part of worshiping in the Bible. Miriam and others danced for joy to celebrate their deliverance by the mighty hand of God. (Exodus 1:20)

The Bible says praise God with instruments, “shout praise to His name”; praise is a celebration of God and giving Him honor Praise takes on many forms, hymns or contemporary worship or dance and shouting. It is giving glory to God for who He is a what He has done