Raising An Army of Holiness



No More Victims is a ministry given by the Lord to eradicate the effects of abuse of all kinds such as; sexual, physical, mental abuse, drug abuse, rejection, and psychological trauma. No More Victims identifies and aids people in and outside the church who have been traumatized by unresolved family abuse issues, in order to institute a catalyst for change in their spiritual, mental and physical lives.

We do this through biblical teachings, letting them know that their past does not have to determine their future, and that they can get back up and move on with their lives. We enable them to break their silence by providing an atmosphere of love, support and cooperation, as well as listening to them share their experiences.

No More Victims, (NMV) also makes the appropriate referrals to outside agencies when necessary. NMV helps bring spiritual healing to people with disorders which have been fuelled by the anger, guilt and shame that childhood emotional, physical and sexual abuse has embedded in their souls.