Raising An Army of Holiness


Son prepare Me soldiers, prepare me men and women that will give heed to what I say and what I will show them, not what they see or understand in their earthly mind. These men and women that I speak about are already feeling the fire of My calling in their lives, but they do not understand why the enemy has been and will launch an attack on them in order to seize them before their time of manifestation. I will gather these men and women and bring them to you and you don’t have to wonder how you will identify them, I will show them to you, some are already with you and you have already identified them.

It is a year of spiritual warfare against anything that has My Name on it (anything Godly). Abundance of Rain will fall but it will only be seen by those that understand the era that they have been ushered into.

This era will necessitate serious consecration and worship in My presence; for My people will only have victory through Divine strategies by Divine instructions. This is what is needed for readiness; this is what is needed for preparation in this hour of fight. More attention must be given to Me and what I say than to your friends and families to receive insight on what you are doing before you do it; for there will be major consequences for mistakes and regrets for not waiting on Me first. This is a different season and a season like no other, so it must be handled with a new attitude, a new spirit and a level of faith and trust in Me and My ability to what I have said I will do. Yea victory is with you, it has always been, but My people have allowed so many things that should not have happened in their lives for any reason from the adversary. But this time, only faith will win. Son, tell them that there is no need for fear of any kind; for I have prepared for My people in this era, that the ear that will hear it will be jealous. Therefore, everything that I will do will go through a period of contention, and if they sit before Me to learn how to fight, through faith they will win and nothing will be beyond their reach.

Ask Me for strength to do what you’ve never done before; ask Me for strength for consistency; ask Me for strength for focus; ask Me for strength for intimate and casual relationship; ask Me for strength before My altar; ask Me for strength to be able to carry out My strategies, for they will be heavy. Ask Me for strength to pray; ask Me for strength to stay in My presence, for it will take a lot out of you to be able to release into you all you need for this season. Through you, change will come to you and around you. Through you, restoration will come to you and around you. Through you, deliverance will come to you and around you. Focus on knowing Me more than you do now and your faith will be more than before. For this time, only faith will bring victory to them that are called by My name. They will no longer identify them with pain; they will no longer indentify them with tears and confusion. Their faith will cause things that are uncommon to men to happen in their lives. This is a season of fighters; it is a season of spiritual intensity and a season to posses by force.