Raising An Army of Holiness

About Us


God’s Tabernacle International Ministries (GTIM) is an Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry that believes in total wholeness & healing. Under the direction of it’s Apostolic Overseer, Apostle Kingsley Eruemulor, GTIM is not only restoring individual lives to the purposes of God, but fellow ministries & churches as well.


The Mission of God’s Tabernacle International Ministries is as follows:

◾GTIM has been sent by God to the nations of the world to reach out to the lost and to impact fire into the bones of believers.
◾Restore broken homes and restore broken marriages.
◾Help youth that are on drugs and have lost their bearing in life.
◾Deliver those that are oppressed by the devil and generational curses.
◾Reach out to many, not just to the four walls of the church, but also to the world in general.
◾Raise up ministries and ministers of fire for the Kingdom.
◾Bring unity into the body of Christ by helping to destroy the spirit of disunity, religion, and denominationalism to the Glory of the Father.
◾Help ministers to re-kindle the fire of God they once had.