Apostle Kingsley Eruemuloris the founder and senior pastor of God’s Tabernacle International Ministries; one who plays a crucial role as a leader of leaders in inspiring and engaging others in the strategic planning and implementation of God’s vision. He is deeply committed to his ministry and has a passion for doing things with a high standard of excellence to further the Kingdom of God.
He has a gift of inspiring people to maximize their potential to the ultimate capacity of their callings and giftings through the anointing God has placed on his life. He is passionate about fanning the flames of those who are called to do the work of the kingdom. With a powerful prophetic anointing, he is very often used by God to call the “dry bones” in peoples’ lives to come alive. He is also determined to use the wisdom and knowledge that God has given him to unify the body of Christ and give the people of God opportunities to help each other to become quality contributors in various ministry roles.

He finds happiness in seeing all humankind come to Christ and watching others use their gifts in ministry, as well as seeing others become kingdom seekers by doing the will of God. Apostle Kingsley is from the country of Nigeria, but when you ask him where he comes from, his response is usually, “I WAS MADE IN HEAVEN, ASSEMBLED IN NIGERIA AND DISPATCHED TO MY GENERATION.” He has been influenced by his brother and spiritual father Apostle Christopher Eruemulor, the spiritual son of Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Apostle Kingsley Eruemulor holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Sociology and is currently in law school. Apostle Kingsley is married to Dr. Aleobe Eruemulor and they have one daughter, Amarissa. He is a graduate of the Operation Joshua Sword of the Spirit Ministry Training in Ibadan, Nigeria and a graduate of Gethsemane Prayer School in Nigeria. God has given Apostle Kingsley Eruemulor a great responsibility to emancipate and empower people all over the world.

Apostle Kingsley oversees a number of ministries: Gatekeepers Ministry, No More Victims, Family Matters, Prophetic Prayer and Proclamation Ministry, Gathering of the Eagles Conference, Sword of the Spirit School of Ministry, Arkansas Holy Ghost Revival Crusade, Gathering of the Gatekeepers, Apostolic Company and Calvary Children’s Academy.

Apostle Kingsley’s assignment is to raise God an army of holiness and of spiritual and academic excellence, mentoring and empowering people from all lifestyles.